A public health emergency is an incident that creates a health risk to the public. This can be from a natural or man-made cause, and can include anything from a natural disaster to the outbreak of a disease. Although Pondera County tends to feel removed from the dangers that can occur in larger cities, no community is immune to emergencies. It is imperative that individuals and local agencies have emergency systems in order to be as prepared as possible. Emergencies don't wait!


PCHD's Emergency Preparedness Program Main Emergency Response Goals:


  • Surveillance: PCHD monitors public health by keeping track of reportable diseases. Health care providers are required by law to submit disease information for over 50 diseases and/or conditions to the health department.

  • Containment: In the event of a contagious disease outbreak or an exposure to toxins, the PCHD, along with other agencies and volunteers, will work to contain and limit the impact of a public health situation. In extreme cases, this may involve establishing large community clinics called Points of Dispensing (PODs) where vaccinations or medications can be quickly and easily distributed to the public.

  • Communication: PCHD provides risk communications to the public. In the event of a public health emergency or a disease outbreak, we will use the Health Alert Network (HAN) to quickly alert local health providers, partners, and the general public, providing information about the emergency and the containment process.

If an emergency does occur, check our website or Facebook page to access information about POD setup, emergency instructions, and forms to fill out ahead of time.

Learn more by visiting the CDC website, or by contacting our office.