Communicable diseases are transmitted between people by direct contact, contact with fluids, or indirectly by a vector (such as a tick or mosquito). The Communicable Disease Program works with local healthcare providers to prevent, identify, and limit the spread of those diseases. The State of Montana requires local health departments to follow-up on over 40 different diseases/conditions. Depending on the disease, our goal may be to identify the source of infection, identify high-risk contacts, facilitate treatment, and provide education to the public.

A Health Nurse May Contact You About

  • Identification of community exposures 

  • Identifying high-risk contacts 

  • Prevention and education

  • To help keep diseases from spreading

We appreciate the cooperation and goodwill from the residents of Pondera County who work with us to help keep the county healthy.

Some reportable communicable diseases in our community include:

Rabies Prevention

Animal bites are investigated to protect the public from exposure to the rabies virus. While rare, rabies is of great public health concern as it is almost always fatal. For this reason, rabies vaccinations of domestic dogs and cats are required by law. Pondera County Health Department works closely with the Pondera County Sheriff's Office and the Conrad Police Department, along with the County Sanitarian, so that biting animals are located, quarantined, and/or tested if necessary.


Report an animal bite immediately to the PCHD using the Animal Bite Report Form.


Reporting A Case

Are you a health care provider needing to report a confirmed or suspect case of a communicable disease? During office hours, please call the Pondera County Health Department, or after hours contact the Sheriff's Office.

Learn more by visiting the DPHHS website or by contacting our office.